In 1973, we opened Malaysia’s first KFC restaurant. We have since grown to become the country’s largest restaurant chain operator. We are the only company to have been granted the right by Yum! Brands to establish and operate KFC restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Brunei, as well as Pizza Hut restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore. The majority of our business is derived from our operations in our primary market, Malaysia, followed by Singapore. KFC forms the largest part of our business and the key driver of our growth.

To date, we operate over 1,270 KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants, serving approximately 25.6 million customers a month. Malaysia ranks as the country with one of the largest KFC and Pizza Hut store counts among Yum! Brands’ Global Franchise Network. Our position in the country as the leading restaurant chain operator and an iconic brand among customers has made our restaurants the “Preferred Brand” for partnership with Malaysian corporations.

Our brand equity has been further affirmed through industry awards like the Putra Brand Awards, Malaysia’s Strongest Brands and Yum! Franchisee of the Year.


Malaysia ranks 6th under the Yum! Brands’ global KFC franchise network

The first restaurant opened in Malaysia back in 1973. Today, KFC is the leading quick-service restaurant in the country in terms of sales and number of restaurants, and the second quick-service restaurant brand in Singapore in terms of sales. A report by Euromonitor stated that in 2016, our KFC restaurants held a market share of 45% in the quick-service restaurant segment by sales volume.


Malaysia ranks 4th under the Yum! Brands’ global Pizza Hut franchise network

Pizza Hut opened its doors to Malaysians in 1982 and today, it has a market share of 23%. According to Euromonitor, Pizza Hut is the leading Western full-service restaurant and home delivery brand in Malaysia and Singapore in terms of sales volume.


To support our core business, we operate several complementary businesses based on the “Farm to Fork” model, which ensures a steady supply of Halal-compliant and high-quality ingredients. These operation lines form a vertically integrated business ecosystem from farming to primary processing, to secondary processing, before reaching our wholesale and restaurant operations.


Malaysia’s operations are the largest amongst all Yum! Brands’ franchisees worldwide

Poultry integration is a crucial segment for our restaurant operations. It not only provides a stable source of quality chickens at very competitive prices, it gives us the flexibility to supply to the fast-expanding open poultry market located locally and abroad. Furthermore, greater control over our supply chain and costs helps us to improve our profitability, ensuring reliability, safety and Halal compliance of our food supply.

In line with this, we are party to a long-term supply agreement with Ayamas, which accounts for a significant portion of the poultry supply to our KFC restaurants as well as providing a steady and secure supply of key ingredients for our business. We also have assurance about the quality of the food, as well as confidence that our supplier is fully compliant with the relevant Halal certification and food safety requirements.


For the production of high quality poultry feed.


For the production of eggs for hatching.


With incubators and hatchers to facilitate the hatching process.


For the rearing of chickens to the desired weight.


For the halal slaughtering and production of chicken and chicken parts.


Ensuring the smooth running of all daily operations

Our business also profits from an integrated ancillary support system that complement our core operations. The operations in this segment encompass sauce manufacturing, baking and commissary operations, as well as sales, marketing and trading services under the following subsidiaries:

Region Food Industries Sdn Bhd (RFI)

RFI is Malaysia's leading sauce manufacturer, supplying Life sauces to KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants as well as supermarkets and other food operators.

Bakery & Commissary

Supplies buns, pizza dough, coleslaw, vegetables, fruits and other types of fresh food products to all KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants.

QSR Trading Sdn. Bhd.

Our company’s trading and distribution arm.