PORT KLANG, 20 February 2019 – QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd (QSR Brands) through its subsidiary, Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn Bhd (AFCSB), has renewed its commitment to its long-term environmental sustainability efforts with the newly-upgraded Wastewater Treatment Plant and the installation of a Recycling Plant at Ayamas Food Corporation Factory in Port Klang, in collaboration with Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad, a member of MMC Corporation Berhad.

With an eye towards sustainable reuse of waste by-products while making operations more efficient and clean, the upgrade aims to support Ayamas’ production expansion in the near future which allows wastewater treatment of up to 3000 m3/day. The fast-track project was completed on 28 October 2018 within an eight-month time frame.

In line with QSR Brands’ consummate halal assurance to consumers with full compliance across its ‘Farm-to-Fork’ operations, upon consultation with the relevant religious authorities, the treatment plant is equipped with the technology to treat effluent into clean, clear and odourless water categorized as ‘air mutlaq’ or pure water by Selangor Mufti’s office. The reuse of the treated water is recognised as safe and complies with the Shariah and halal certification guidelines and is consistent with the published decree by the state of Selangor Fatwa Committee.

To further contribute to a number of its on-going green initiatives, QSR Brands through AFCSB has also unveiled a newly-installed Recycling Plant. The final effluent from the Wastewater Treatment Plant to be reused for non-potable purposes such as floor and truck washing, toilet flushing as well as for gardening the landscape.

During the launching ceremony, Managing Director of QSR Brands, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azahari Mohamed Kamil said the initiative will promote sustainable conservation of water while preserving the ecosystem.

“QSR Brands is fully mindful that it takes collective actions to bring positive impact to the community and environment. Through shared commitment to the planet, QSR Brands look forward to forge strong partnerships like what we have unveiled today to protect the best interest of the planet’s ecological health while maintaining our operational efficiency. Continuous improvement to our facilities are made possible with the ever-evolving technology and our newly-launched wastewater treatment and recycling plant serve as a testament of our commitment. We believe that supporting environmental conservation is not charity, but one of the smartest investments we can make for our future generations,” said Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azahari.

AFCSB is among the pioneer poultry plant in Malaysia to venture into this project with hope to inspire others. By doing this, the plant is able to reduce up to 25 percent of the current dependency to the city water supply.

The technology used for the project is using the combination of Ultra-Filtration Membrane with biological wastewater treatment process which is also known as Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) for the upgrading works, and a polishing system for the Recycling Plant. The ultra-filtration uses a JAKIM’s Halal certified Activated Carbon membrane application with pore sizes in the range of 0.1 to 0.001 micron which enables the removal of suspended matter, bacteria, and viruses. This is the first in the world halal recycling plant for poultry processing that provides clean water, free of pathogens and low turbidity which provides confidence to the user.

“Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad is honoured to be the project partner in delivering the Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading Works and Recycling Plant for AFCSB and QSR Brands. We look forward to more opportunities to share our membrane application technology such as membrane bio-reactor and reverse osmosis as well as other water treatment expertise, as they contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem through sustainable water resources management. We hope that more companies will follow AFCSB’s environmentally responsible practices and adopt this green initiative within their business operations”, said Dato’ Sri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh, Chairman of Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad

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