Reintroducing the enjoyable mealtime, now with extra cheese

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 November 2017 – Pizza Hut, the leading pizza chain in Malaysia,announces the comeback of an all-time-favourite Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza, adding to the mix of a new generation dining experience – one that encourages people to have fun, interact and spark interactions with one another during mealtime.

This limited-edition pizza will be available nationwide between October to December 2017.

This time, Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza continues to woo diners with its generous eighteen bites full of oozing cheddar and mozzarella cheese, topped with delicious chicken pepperoni, chicken meatballs and shredded chicken on a bed of tomato salsa sauce and extra creamy cheese.

With the tagline, “More Cheese, More Ways to Eat, More Fun”, the Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza is not only a mouthwatering feast for the family but also a playful invitation for all family members to let loose, have fun and connect with each other to enjoy the meal together. From popping the bites to sticking them to your fingers, there are no rules on how to eat it – the only rule is to have fun!

Merrill Pereyra, CEO of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd expressed: “At Pizza Hut, we’re bringing back the popular Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza – with a twist. In Asian families,mealtimes are usually filled with rules and etiquette, sometimes turning joyous occasions like family dinners into a somber, and boring affair. Further, in today’s digital era where gadgets take centre stage at the dinner table, people are often absorbed into their own world and don’t connect with the people around them.

With Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza, we are reimagining the dining experience and giving people a reason to interact and have fun with one another – all for the love of smiles,which Pizza Hut is all about! Chicken Cheesy Bites is all about the oozing cheese in individual popping bites, designed for maximum fun and yumminess from one mouth to next,” he added.

Pizza Hut will be introducing the next wave in its product innovation to compliment the Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza; Cheesy Dip – a thick and creamy cheese sauce for a richer Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza experience. Ensuring double the cheese, for double the fun, Cheesy Dip will be available on 15 November onwards.

The new Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza can be purchased via ala carte orders at RM35.50 for a regular size while combo options are also available through delivery, take-away or dine-in experience.

Pizza Hut generously offers two combos for two and four people dining in, priced reasonably at RM37.90 and RM69.90 respectively. Chicken Cheesy Bites Combo for two people includes a regular-sized Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza, two cream of mushroom soups, two drinks and an appetiser, while Chicken Cheesy Bites Combo, fora group of four can enjoy an addition of one regular pan/hand-stretched favourite pizza that comes with four cream of mushroom soups, four drinks, four ice creams and 2 appetisers.


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